Total System


Treatment methodTM



ENTECH's patented Total System Treatment method (TST) delivers an intense downhole treatment to accelerate flow rates and generate incremental production from the formation.  TST's three step application process is designed to treat wells and formations which suffer from heavy paraffin, asphaltenes, scale, and high viscosity issues.  TST can be circulated within a wellbore to gain accelerated flow or injected into the formation / reservoir to produce an incremental pull.  Further, customers realize longer extraction cycle with lower degradation rates by using customized FlowTECH solutions or a HydroTECH continuous drip program after an initial TST treatment. 


The TST and continuous maintenance programs are well suited to conventional and heavy oil cold flow extraction methods.  TST can be used to stimulate reservoirs and unlock the formation's incremental production potential before attempting a well fracture.  TST programs continue to reduce the crude viscosity and depositions that often become part of the ongoing operational challenge, thereby delivering improved production at less risk and lower cost to the owner.  ENTECH's TST is non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and delivers superior performance over traditional downhole treatments making it a highly responsible choice. 


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