FlowTECH solutions are designed to resolve extraction and flow challenges that exist in conventional oil and gas production environments.  FlowTECH solutions contain hydrocarbon liquification technologies that lower crude viscosity and liquify hydrocarbon based flow inhibitors such as paraffin and asphaltenes.


In extraction, FlowTECH overcomes common challenges of downhole paraffin buildup, asphaltene deposits, and high viscosity which impact the output profile of a well.  FlowTECH chemistries are one of three main components of ENTECH's TST process and is responsible for the initial liquification of hydrocarbon deposits and viscosity reduction within the reservoir and wellbore.  FlowTECH often becomes part of a well maintenance program to help minimize production loss experienced through flow degradation.  


In pipeline applications, FlowTECH can deliver a dramatic reduction in head loss calculations by lowering crude viscosity and removing and eliminating side wall deposits.  Improvements in the operations and maintenance environment are realized by reduced energy need, improvements in pump and exchanger efficiency, and helping reduce under-deposit pipe corrosion.  Further, owners benefit by reduced inline-heating requirements, chemical additives, and light hydrocarbons needed to promote flow.  


In addition to performance benefits, FlowTECH technologies are safe: Safe for people to handle (non-toxic), safe on the environment, safe on your product (has no adverse effects on the saleable product) and safe on your equipment. 


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