ENTECH's X-Series includes specialized applications designed to compliment and accelerate the impact of all ENTECH solutions within the Total System Treatment method (TST), including custom designed technologies.

Microbe Series:  ENTECH has formulated numerous microbial solutions designed to compliment TST, FlowTECH, PetroPure, and CleanTECH technology platforms.  The microbes used in the TST enhance the speed, completeness and longevity of the downhole treatment process.  Microbes often form part of the customized solutions that CleanTECH Reclamation offers.  In a unique application, ENTECH has formulated a microbe solution which successfully competes for the same food source that Sulfate Reducing Bacteria consume, thereby lowering the rate of H2S  (Hydrogen Sulfide) production within the in-situ reservoir.


Hydrogen Sulfide Reduction Series:  ENTECH has engineered numerous solutions to reduce harmful H2S gas in the oil/gas stream.  These solutions can be applied into the reservoir thereby reducing the H2S concentration early and before it is transported through the well system and above ground.  These technologies include hydrogen and sulphate scavengers, oxidizing and non-oxidizing biocides, and an H2S microbe solution.  Many of these solutions have a positive environmental and product handling rating.


NoCOR Metal Conditioners:  ENTECH offers over 50 specialized metal conditioners in its corrosion prevention series.  ENTECH customers are often encouraged to use metal conditioners after the TST, FlowTECH, HydroTECH, and SludgeFlow 3000 applications since these solutions will remove the deposits and expose the bare metal to harmful elements.  A passivating layer should be placed on this metal as soon as possible with the appropriate metal conditioner for your needs.  Specialized NoCor lines also remove and inhibit heavy calcite and scale.  ENTECH uses its state-of-the-art computer program to help predict scaling and corrosion areas in the well system and determine the right fit between NoCor and the problem.  Certain NoCor products are ideal for use with our microbe series since the microbes require a non-toxic environment to thrive.  NoCor will improve the safety and environmental footprint of your corrosion program.  


Water Treatment:  The salt chelation technology used in CleanTECH Reclamation is designed to break down and chelate the salt ions into organic molecules.  The newly formed molecules appear as a food source allowing plants to absorb these molecules thus reducing the salt in the affect areas.  In addition, ENTECH has developed a slow release water treatment cube that is designed to significantly breakdown and digest the overflow of oil in petroleum wastewater tanks.  HydroTECH solutions are also a series of water treatment technologies that are used in industrial process water treatment and management (see HydroTECH).




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